North American dynamism and European sophistication harnesses a formidable blend of innovation and timeless elegance

Meet The Veil

About Us

The Veil is powered by a creative duo who have the skillset and ambition to help evolve a brand’s name into a cohesive and powerful identity. They create breathtaking and bespoke content to use as thoughtful and tasteful strategies to best market your brand. Growing up in Canada yet immersed in the cultural richness of France for the past decade, this agency's style flourishes with a international influences, seamlessly blending diverse perspectives into a tapestry of creativity that transcends borders.

Uveil the essence of your brand, capturing the allure that sets you apart in a visually compelling narrative. Let The Veil redefine your story through the art of visual storytelling

Tara Lengyel

With a Bachelor's and Master's degree in the disciplines of cinematography and photography, Tara serves as the in-house production and post-production unit of The Veil. After several years working in television and freelancing her services, Tara has independently worked in many big names in fashion like Vogue Paris, LVMH and IMG Models. After year of independent work she has channel her skills in creating stories for luxury establishments and brands under The Veil. Tasked with bringing Gillian's development strategy to life, Tara crafts compelling images and videos tailored for your website's social media. From dynamic product shots to captivating team profiles, she's your go-to for essential content creation. As she is both a published fashion photographer and stylist, Tara joins forces with Gillian to design sets and costumes, ensuring your visual narrative is nothing short of extraordinary.

Gillian Tibbo

Armed with an MBA in marketing, Gillian seamlessly merges creative ingenuity with a formidable business acumen. Beyond the canvas, Gillian is your digital strategist extraordinaire. From crafting compelling posts to strategic hashtag research, she navigates the digital landscape with finesse. Account management, engaging with users for organic growth, and crafting impactful copy for both digital and print mediums are all part of her arsenal. Gillian's expertise extends to non-digital marketing strategies, ensuring a holistic approach to brand cohesion and development. Elevate your brand with Gillian's unique blend of artistic flair and strategic prowess.

"Photography is the art of capturing moments that speak volumes without uttering a single word"